What Is An Independent Director (and When Do You Need One)? Lenders may require an Independent Director or other independent personnel to serve on boards of single purpose entities (SPE’s).

SPE’s can be created to protect assets in large real estate transactions. Additionally SPE’s can be used to securitize loans, isolate a high risk projects or assets and to allow other investors to take a share of the risk. SPE’s also allow multiple tiers of investment and debt.

An Independent Director Is a Member of the Board of Directors of a Company Who Does Not Form Part of the Executive Management Team. They are not employees of the company or affiliated with it in any other way and are differentiated from inside directors, who are members of the board who also serve or previously served as executive managers of the company. Typically the duties of an Independent Director are defined and limited by the organizational documents of an entity as well as a separate agreement with the Independent Director.

Companies In Financial Distress Who Are Addressing Insolvency Issues Require A Knowledgeable and Experienced Independent Director. Independent personnel also play a critical role for an entity in financial distress. Firsthand experience is crucial. A seasoned independent director must be familiar with the fiduciary duties of an insolvent company (or one entering the zone of insolvency).

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