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    Changing Agents to save money is one thing, changing agents to save money and get more than just savings is another.

  • Why Change Agents?

    Often your initial filing was handled by someone other than your self, your attorney or accountant.   Without knowing you have a choice of providers you may be paying more for Registered Agent Service than you need to be.

    What if I am my own Registered Agent or can I be my own Registered Agent?

    As acting as your own Agent, you will have to keep your office open during the entire business week in case you are served. You can opt to use an outside company that will act as an Agent. It also saves the hassles from being served in front of friends, family and neighbors.

    The registered agent receives legal documents on behalf of the company. Such legal documents can be lawsuit pleadings, tax information and annual report contributions. For this purpose, a post office box is not acceptable. The agent must have a physical, public record address where documents can be delivered via post or courier.

    You wouldn’t be able to leave town or leave your jurisdiction as you would be in violation of your duties as an Agent. You would have to stay near your office during business hours in the chance you might get served with legal documents.

  • Some Facts

    • A registered agent is responsible for important legal and tax documents on behalf of incorporated companies, such as the following:
      • Service of Process—sometimes called Notice of Litigation—which initiates a lawsuit
      • Important state mail, such as annual reports or statements
      • Tax documents sent by the state’s department of taxation
    • By having a registered agent, a business owner never has to fear missing an important legal document while traveling on business or while on vacation.
    • The registered agent must have a physical address (not a post office box) in the state of incorporation or qualification and must be available at that address during normal business hours.
    • Having a separate address for handling legal documents allows for discreet handling in the event of litigation process serving.
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