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A Registered Agent is often called a “Resident Agent”, “Statutory Agent”, or “Agent for Service of Process” depending on the state you are forming your entity in. Registered Agents are required by law in almost every state. You must specify your company’s registered agent when you file your Articles of Formation.

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  • Registered Agent

    Our agents are local and are at the office during normal business hours to accept process. To leave town or leave a jurisdiction would be in violation of the duties as an Agent. A registered agent is responsible for important legal and tax documents on behalf of incorporated companies, such as the following:

    • Service of Process—sometimes called Notice of Litigation—which initiates a lawsuit
    • Important state mail, such as annual reports or statements
    • Tax documents sent by the state’s department of taxation
    • By having a registered agent, a business owner never has to fear missing an important legal document while traveling on business or while on vacation.
    • The registered agent must have a physical address (not a post office box) in the state of incorporation or qualification and must be available at that address during normal business hours.
    • Having a separate address for handling legal documents allows for discreet handling in the event of litigation process serving.

  • Independent Director

    Because these transactions are often time sensitive, URA can have independent personnel in place in a matter of hours.

    Lenders may require independent personnel to serve on boards of single purpose entities (SPE’s).  SPE’s are created to protect assets in large real estate transactions. Independent personnel also play a critical role for an entity in distress.

    Our independent personnel have experienced firsthand entities in distress and are familiar with the fiduciary duties of a director in a company that is insolvent or entering the zone of insolvency.

    Our personnel have experience with the nation’s premier source for independent director services. Our team of independent personnel bring knowledge and years of experience
    to each project.

  • Corporate Services

    From incorporating your company to filing your annual reports, we have your corporate service needs covered.  Through our partnerships with experienced service providers across the country, we are able to provide you with the filing, search, and retrieval help you need from professionals who understand the requirements in each state.

    • Incorporation/Formation
    • Qualification/Registration
    • Amendment
    • Reinstatement
    • Conversion
    • Merger
    • Dissolution
    • Withdrawan
    • Assumed Name
    • Pre-Clearance
    • Publication
    • County Recording
    • Tax Clearance
    • Apostille/Legalization
    • UCC & Lien Searches/Filings
    • Court Record Searches/Filings
    • Real Estate Searches/Recordings
    • Tax Clearance
    • International Filings & Retrievals
    • Annual Reports
    • Corporate Kits

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